Polishing your writing until it shines

"Dr. Johnson helped me to systematically organize the core elements of my grant proposal, and fit it for different reviewer audiences. Her dual experience as both scientist and editor can benefit both clinicians and researchers in writing grant applications and articles."

Eran Cohen Barak, MD, Senior physician, Pediatric Dermatology Clinical Service, "Emek" medical center, Afula, Israel

"Dr. Johnson has a unique eye for detail, not only in language editing but also with critical revision comments. Even though our manuscript had been revised internally by two experienced native English speakers, it was still substantially improved by Dr. Johnson's help. She helped shape our manuscript to be its best."

Tiago R. Matos, MD MSc, Research Fellow, Dermatology Resident, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Dr. Johnson became a valuable team member and was highly flexible and adaptable as we worked together to develop our manuscript for submission. She offered advice as a scientific reviewer, helped us improve presentation of data, researched literature that added to our introduction and discussion, developed text, and helped us improve the flow of language."

Md Zobaer Hasan, PhD Rohto Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd, Kyoto, Japan

"With her extensive background in skin biology, writing, and editing, Dr. Johnson helped us learn how to write and polish our science narrative to be the best it could be! We asked many questions during the editing process and Dr. Johnson clearly explained why her edits were suggested. We learned many tips and tricks along the way that are now part of our own toolbox for writing future manuscripts and grants."

Amanda M. Nelson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology, Penn State University College of Medicine, USA