Fee Structure:

For content development and writing, I will work with you to develop an appropriate budget and timeline in line with industry standards.

For document editing

  • $100/1000 words for premium edit (grammar, punctuation, flow of logic, major revising, major commenting)
  • $70/1000 words for standard edit (grammar, punctuation, light comments/suggestions, leaving major revisions up to the author to make)
  • $50 to write an abstract
  • $30 to write a cover letter
  • $50 to re-edit manuscript after revision
  • $50 to cross-check/edit response to reviewers
  • $30 for formatting manuscript for target journal/formatting references

Turnaround time typically 5 business days for editing

Faster turnaround time request will be assessed for feasibility on a case by case basis and may result in increased costs